papercutz - surrender

treatment by Fede Gianotti



It all comes down to it, the illusion of having it and the liberating moment of surrendering it. Surrender to your true nature and your true self.

Besides the track being fucking cool, it triggers a lot of things in my mind. So today I want to tell you two stories, the first one is more of a traditional narrative and the second one is more of an abstract thing.

Let’s start with the easy one:



This concept is bit more conceptual (no pun intended). It’s more of a graphical approach to the track.

I see a huge old house and inside it, a man and a woman. They use their body language to express frustration and desire; they’re dancers and “speak” to each other in this language.

It’ll be a more of a dance video in the vein of contemporary dance that you see in Sigúr Ros videos or some of Sia’s work.

At first I see them restrained to different rooms or opposing walls. Like entangled from their joints to the walls by hundreds of rubber strips (or nylon wires). This way they’ll move up to a point where the strength of the rubber strips will pull them down and back again. The movements will feel like short violent bursts of energy. And the natural pull from the rubber will break them down, creating a broken spasm-like motion.

That’s until they break free. And then the world around stops them, the house is a maze of nylon wires and makes it impossible to run freely. This is the second obstacle.


That’s until they break those wires too. And clash with each other.


The clash is the most important part of the dance as they’ll be dancing together for the first and only time. It’s filled with energy and passion and violence. In that violence lies the third obstacle; themselves.

When they finally see each other eye to eye everything inside the house will begin to explode; lamps, TVs, plates and glasses, windows and couches. Everything will explode like if the energy that they both have when they clash is so strong that generates this sort of shockwave throughout everything around them.


I really like these sort of restrained images. On the positive side it’s a contained shoot and it’s fast (one long day shoot or two loose days). And it’s pretty easy to pre-produce so it probably serves better to your needs in terms of timing. But the other idea is richer in terms of narrative. I don't know what you're looking for but I'd be happy to shoot either.


This is Plexus, a performance by dancer Kaori Ito, designed by Aurélien Bory. Check Kaori's movements, how they are stopped by the rubber strings. That kind of broken down motion is what I want.


The Girl.

We open on a city at dusk. The last light stretch of golden and purple light is a thin line on the sky. Down below, neon signs and streetlights start battling the dark.

Inside a run down apartment there’s a girl looking at a wall. The wall is covered with faces from magazines. She’s mimicking a smile, a fake smile from a politician or some other person with pearly white artificial teeth. Somehow her smile looks weirder than the one on the photo, it’s unnerving.

She walks around the apartment, watching and choosing faces to mimic. Everything she does feels unnatural. But she’s not playing a game; she’s learning. She’s trying to become, trying to be human.

There’s an old TV set on the floor. She turns it on and watches the random images. Her body twists and contorts with every imitation, animals and people. She laughs and cries as the persons on the TV do, but her smile, her laughter, her tears are all tainted with something weird; there’s a raw violence contained, waiting to burst out.


She goes out to the street and follows people around, mimicking their walking pattern.


We zero in this special woman she follows. She’s incredibly graceful in her walking. We’ll later learn that she’s a dancer.

The woman sees her from across the street and engages her in a game of mirrors. They mirror each other from sidewalk to sidewalk. It’s fun for a moment, but eventually the woman waves a hand as goodbye and starts walking away. The girl follows her, keeping her distance.

The woman gets to a studio and starts practicing. She dances beautifully. The girl mimics her from the distance, but she’s not focused like all the other times, she’s at some point mesmerized by what’s she’s seeing.

The dancer makes a mistake and falls down. As she gets up, a man approaches her and yells at her face. The girl transitions from mimicking the dancer to the man and moves around violently. She screams just like him. The man slaps the dancer and the girl punches the window. The glass cracks and calls the attention of the man; he sees her and storms out in search for her.

The man confronts the girl. And she mimics his body language. They circle each other like beasts, he taunts her and does the same. He decides it’s enough grabs her. She bites back.

The fight is messy.


Hair pull.


Gut punch.


Teeth sink into his flesh.


Red bursts.


As the dust settles, they both are in the floor. He’s out cold, she’s all battered. The dancer takes her in her arms and watches her with tears in her eyes, the girl mimics that feeling and cries along, the dancer understands the game and smiles between tears, the girl smiles back.


The End.

Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.